Things to do

Cefalu – Beautiful city.  Very old.  Very picturesque from the water.  You can swim, eat, get an ice cream.  Could be a nice place to stay.








Erice – City on a mountain.  Takes almost 20 minutes to drive up.  There is almost constantly a cloud, so it’s cold and foggy even if it’s 90F on the ground.  Bring a jacket, but definitely check it out!  A medeival city and lots of good places to eat.

Erice - city in a cloud











The largest island out of the Egadi islands.  Take a ferry from Trapani.  It only takes maybe 20 minutes to get to the island.  You can find beautiful beaches there.  I recommend renting a bike, moped or car for a few hours to get to the really nice beaches!  Be sure to check returning ferry times. Sometimes they sell out of tickets if you haven’t already bought one.

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