Prague is a beautiful and wonderful place for a vacation. The city is a good, medium size, and the prices are pretty decent. We were there in December during the Christmas market season, which was very charming. There were great snacks and hot wine all over town. A perfect time of the year to visit!


St. Charles Bridge

Things to Do

There are so many things to see in Prague that it’s hard to know where to begin.  Of course if you are there in December, you can’t miss the Christmas market with hot wine and lots of other nice winter treats:


Christmas market

Another nice place to visit is the castle.  If you get there around noon (I think), you can witness the changing of the guard.  It’s a fun thing to do for free:


Waiting for the changing of the guard

And of course it’s always an experience to take a walk over the Saint Charles bridge.  There are many entertaining people along there and great picture opportunities:


You can’t go wrong with a monkey and an organ


The food in Prague was pretty good.  The only drawbacks were crowded restaurants in the evening and most places in the tourist areas do not take credit cards.  Come with plenty of cash.

The most entertaining restaurant we ate at was called Švejk.  This is your tourist-friendly typical Czech food with old fashioned musical entertainment.  It was a fun place to go and a great atmosphere.  Švejk


Where to Stay

While in Prague, we rented an apartment.  It turned out to be the most amazing place on the top floor of an extremely old building. There were skylights where the kids could watch the moon while they fell asleep, a beautiful balcony view of the rooftops and large church, a two story bedroom, etc.  And the price was much cheaper than a hotel.

We rented an apartment 5 minutes from the tourist square, but on a quiet street.  Here is the site we used, with many lovely apartments:  PRAGUE RESIDENCES


Looking out toward the balcony