Top 5 Things to Do

1. Eiffel Tower – For the best view, take the subway to Trocodero.  There are many metro stops you can take to the Eiffel Tower, but this one is great for taking pictures.  Give yourself some time because the lines are usually long.  Check opening times and try to get there as early as possible.  There are different prices depending on how high you want to go.  Picture:  View from Trocodero at night.

2. Sacre Coeur (Montmarte) –  It’s a long way up to Sacre Coeur but the view over Paris is excellent.  I have never been in the basilica, but I imagine it’s impressive.  When you are at the top facing the view of Paris, head toward your right to find yourself in a cute little artist area of town. Picture: Måns and Heather at Sacre-Coeur

3. Louvre – The Louvre is huge.  You will not see it all in one day.  Pick a section and don’t get worn out.  Picture: Louvre

4. Notre-Dame – If I remember correctly, you can go inside to look around for free if you are not interested in taking a guided tour.  While the front of the building is the famous view, don’t forget to check out the back.  It’s very pretty.  Check it out while you are on your way over to the next island to eat your ice cream at Berthillon.  Picture: Back of Notre Dame

5. Disneyland Paris – There is a train you can take to get here.  It doesn’t take long at all.  Disneyland Paris is the EXACT same park as in Florida.  You will get very confused except that they keep calling Mickey Mouse “Mické.”  The park is less crowded and a bit cheaper!  We really enjoyed it.    Picture:  Me at Disneyland Paris.