My 2 top recommendations in Paris are Fondue and Ice cream.  Fondue is served many places, but the ice cream…….  there is only one place and it’s worth the airfare for that ice cream alone, even if you have to live under a bridge.  This is Berthillon.  Now you may see signs for this ice cream in other shops, but you must visit the one at 29-31 rue saint Louis en I’ile.  If I am not mistaken, the ice cream is freshly made with natural ingredients so there are different flavors every day.  And it actually tastes exactly like whatever the flavor is.  Best ice cream I’ve ever had.  A great time to go would be after visiting Notre-Dame.  It is located on the next small island.

If you are missing the states, you can try “Breakfast in America” located near metro station Cardinal Lemoine.  It’s made to look like an American style diner and you can get some food that you’ve been missing.  I also read they serve lunch but I’ve only been here for breakfast.