Things to Do

Ljubljana, Slovenia is quite a beautiful town! I was there in December, which is Christmas market time.  Starting around the 3rd of 4th of December, the entire Old Town area of the city is beautifully lit in Christmas lights which Christmas market booths lining the river. The booths are full of thick hot chocolate, honey mead and hot wine – at almost any time of the day!

Procession of St. Nicholas – December 5

If you are in town on December 5, there is a St. Nicholas procession and celebration in the main square that is very entertaining with dancing and music.  Children are gathered around to get candy and see St. Nicholas.  It’s quite an experience.  Come a bit early to get a good spot.







Boat Ride

A boat ride down the Ljubljanica River is nice any time of year!  The river and Old Town area are really beautiful. There are plenty of boats to choose from.







Ljubljana Castle

The Ljubljana Castle is a must-see.  It’s on a hill high above the city.  You can take a funicular to the top or walk 20 miuntes up the hill.  The funicular is very modern and safe and kids especially will enjoy it.  At the top is the castle.  You can walk around the courtyard, check out the views and get a treat at the cafe, or you can pay to see different exhibits in the castle, including a short film on the history and access to the watch tower.  There’s also an old chapel and jail cells.