Italy – Liguria (Western side)

Liguira is on the coast of the Mediterranean, close to France.  As well as being close to the coast, most of it is bordered by giant hills or mountains.  It’s beautiful scenery and a quick jump over to France and Monaco if you’re feeling adventurous.



Things to Do

San Remo – A very nice coastal town in Italy.  There are restaurants and some things for the kids to do down by the water, plus many restaurants and places to wander around in the city.  The city is fairly large and has some nice architecture and old areas.



– This was an amazing medeival town way up high in the mountains.  It’s quite a way from the coast, so depending on where you are staying, it might be too far.  But if you are within an hour, it might be worth the trip.  The town is famous for witches and you definitely get a spooky vibe plus the little town is fascinating as well as the views.  Highly recommended.  You can probably find good places to eat there too.



Nice, France – Nice is very close to the border with Italy’s coast.  It’s a large town with a beautiful, rocky coast that you can swim in.  The water is the most amazing blue!  Go to Nice, get an ice cream and relax on the beach (bring flip flops because it’s a bit tough to walk on the stones, even though they are smooth).


The beach at Nice

Monaco – You’re so close to Monaco, you might as well check it out.  It’s definitely something to see!  Get ready to feel extremely poor! haha!  It’s a beautiful city on the coast with lots of yachts.  Nice place to walk around and check out though.  Don’t plan to eat there unless it’s coffee or ice cream.  We had a pizza and sodas for lunch and it cost €60.  Go for the coffee and take a nice walk.  Then head back to Nice to eat.




Honestly, we didn’t have much luck with the food in the Liguria region. However, we are not big fans of seafood and that seemed to be the specialty.  So if you really like seafood, you should do just fine. The pesto is good too.

It was hard to find any good restaurants.  I would say that you might as well find something with a nice view of the water unless you are lucky enough to find a small village with many hidden places to eat.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have any suggestions.  I will say that if you hop over to France or Monaco to eat, it’s going to be more expensive.


It’s ok.


We rented a beautiful little house high up on a mountain for this trip. The house was perfect and there was even a very nice pool. The view was astounding, plus there were goats and wild boar.  The only drawback was that it would take at least 25 minutes to get DOWN the mountain to go anywhere and it was a very narrow road up and down the mountain which was a little scary to drive at times.  Here is the link to the place we stayed.  If you plan on having solitude and not doing much going around, then this is a great place, but if you want to explore a lot and go out to eat, I would suggest staying somewhere closer to the coast.


See-saw and pool