Dublin is like a smaller, cleaner London. The people we experienced in the city were  friendly even if we could barely understand a word they were saying. The city was very nice and somewhat walkable. Not as large as some cities.  I think the best, and most surprising part, was that we never went wrong with the food.



Things to Do

Guinness Brewery has a fascinating tour, a beautiful brewery, plus you get a “free” beer in the rooftop bar with a great view over Dublin.


Inside the Guinness Brewery

Go to a pub – There’s plenty to choose from.


Always on the menu

Visit the Leprechaun Museum!  This is one stop that I have to admit we did not take part in while we were in town because we were a bit uncertain whether it was a real place or just a mean trick on tourists. Lucikly, it turns out it is a real place and it sounds pretty interesting!


Follow the sign to the Leprechaun Museum

If you’re just looking for something entertaining that doesn’t cost too much, check out Dr. Quirkey’s Good Time Emporium – Video games, pinball, and gambling


He’s a bit disappointed in his score.


Drink More Guinness – You haven’t had enough yet.  You’re in Ireland.  Drink more.


A 4-leaf clover


As I mentioned before, we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of good food! Here were some of our favorites:

Bar Italia is great for a nice Italian dinner along the canal.


The walk along the canal. Bar Italia on the left.


Cedar Tree is a great Lebanese food restaurant in a nice part of town with excellent food and service.


Great Lebanese food!


Eddie Rockets  is a lot of fun with many locations.  It’s like a 50s diner with hot dogs, surprisingly good hamburgers and shakes.  Plus, it’s cheap.  There is a similar chain in the U.S. called Johnny Rockets.  Which one was first?  And why is one called Eddie and the other Johnny?  Hmmm…


An American 50’s Diner experience in Dublin


And if you’re looking for a nice cafe to have a hot chocolate, don’t miss Butler’s.


Photo taken from dublinvisitorcentre.ie


Where to Stay

We stayed at the Westin, which was an excellent location.  We could walk everywhere. The bathroom was wonderful with both a shower and bathtub, plus a speaker so you could hear the TV.  It’s an expensive hotel, but we got a good package deal with the flight.


Our room






Dublin is like a smaller, cleaner London. We were very impressed with Dublin.  It was a very nice city and we never went wrong with the food.  The people are friendly even if I could barely understand a word they were saying.