Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is truly a beautiful city. For the most part, you can walk to all the main areas without the need for public transportation. There are plenty of things to see and do, so it makes a good city for families to keep occupied. There are museums, pastry shops, canal tours and even a zoo. While we found it a bit difficult to find the heavier types of dinners we are used to, the sandwiches and cafe type foods were extremely tasty especially when mixed with the great environments of almost every restaurant in this small city.


Just one of the 165 canals in Amsterdam

Things to do

The Van Gogh Museum is large and modern. The collection is amazing. Try to give yourself at least an hour to go through everything. It’s best  to get there early for less crowds.


The outside of the Van Gogh Museum.  Picture taken from Wikipedia.


The Anne Frank House is fascinating, of course, as you walk through the rooms that Anne and her family hid during the war. It’s something that really must be experienced, as it’s very moving.  You must be able to climb narrow stairs, however, and it won’t work to bring a stroller.


Outside the Anne Frank House. Picture taken from Dietmar Rabich,, CC BY-SA 4.0,


Artis Zoo is a very nice old zoo in the city, in fact, the oldest zoo on the European mainland! They even have penguins outdoors!


Penguins outside at the Artis Zoo


Zwanenburgwal 232
Pasta, sandwiches, soup. You can eat outside by the canal. Friendly and cheap.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.42.46.png

You can’t beat outdoor seating when it’s sunny.  Photo taken from


Zuivere Koffie
Utrechtsestraat 39
Sandwiches, bagels, omelettes. Nice little courtyard to eat in. Friendly. Ask about specials.


               Go to the back of the restaurant for a lovely little courtyard.  Photo taken from